High Speed Foreground

High Speed Foreground helps you to switch among applications, folders, files, and websites by using your voice. It's different than other programs because High Speed Foreground does the switching in a reliable way.

You Want to Switch by Voice

It's a magical feeling when you can speak to your computer and watch it open folders, load documents for dictation, or jump to websites on the net.

You feel great because speaking orders is almost effortless. You just say the words, and the computer does the rest. Wow.

But Sometimes Switching Fails

But sometimes your switching software does weird things when you dictate an order. Sometimes your computer does nothing, even after you repeat the command several times. Or sometimes it tries to do the switch, but it fails. 

Sometimes your computer loses focus during a switch, gets lost, and goes off into hyperspace and hangs on you. The only way to bring it back is to reach for your mouse or keyboard to bring the focus back. And sometimes a reboot is required.

It's not your computer's fault. It's the fault of the dictation software that doesn't bring the target into the foreground in a reliable way. It wasn't designed to be that reliable.

1700+ Windows to Choose From!

To be fair, the switching software has a difficult problem to solve. Under the hood on your computer, there are many hundreds of active windows. Can you imagine that? Hundreds of them that you can't see!

One time I counted them, and my computer had more than 1700 windows running under the hood - visible windows, invisible windows, toolbar windows, background windows, child windows - the list was long and endless!

And the poor switching software had to find the ONE window that I was interested in when I gave the order. That's not an easy thing to do in a reliable way.

Missing Window Titles

Worse yet, sometimes you don't even give the switching software the name of the window, because you can't even see the window that you want to switch to! So you give it the application program name instead, and you hope it finds the right window... 

The switching software can chose a window based on half a dozen different things. But a big part of the switch uses the window title.

But the windows don't make the switch easy -- 30 or 40 of the windows don't even have names in their title bars! Other windows change their titles in a split second, depending on what the window is doing at the moment or what folder or file they are showing.

Unstable Title Formats and Contents

And the format of the titles is never the same--every program chooses it's own title structure and content. It's bad when some programs spawn multiple child windows that all have the same name as the parent window! But worst of all, some folder windows have exactly the same names as active program or document windows! How is the switching software supposed to pick the right window when you've only spoken a simple name?

It's a Jungle Inside Your Computer

You have many hundreds of windows and processes inside your computer, all moving around at computer speeds. That's why your dictation software gets lost and hangs during a switch.

But Foreground Solves the Problem

High Speed Foreground solves the switching problem by digging deep into the guts of the Windows operating system so that it can make decisions in a more reliable way.

The next time you get tired of repeating your switching commands or recovering another hang caused by switching, remember High Speed Foreground. Maybe it can make your computing experience smoother and more enjoyable by making switches more reliable for you.