High Speed Dictation Products

The High Speed Dictation Tools have been designed from the ground up for voice.They can help you to go faster and get more done with less effort. The tools are for everyone who wants use their voice to help their hands. That includes both fast typists and slow typists. Because we all know that your voice is faster than your typing, no matter how fast your fingers are.

The High Speed Guide

The free High Speed Guide is an introduction to how you can use your voice to improve your productivity on your computer. It talks about some of the problems, what makes them difficult to solve, and what your options are today if you want to increase your speed. 

High Speed Foreground

High Speed Foreground is a program that lets you bring apps, folders, documents, or websites into the foreground on your computer by only using your voice. High Speed Foreground was designed to be reliable. It won't go off into hyperspace like your other dictation software does when it loses focus on the starting window. You won't have to use your mouse or keyboard to bring your computer back to life so often.