The High Speed Guide

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The guide talks about how you can use your voice to improve your computer productivity. And it's not all about productivity--it's about fun and convenience too!

Sometimes I sit on the couch with my laptop, and I give orders to it. I want to see how far and fast I can go before I have to reach for the mouse or do some typing. Typing on a couch is awkward and wobbly because my wrists are bent at an awkward angle.

But it's worth it, computing on the couch.

I get a tremendous feeling of speed and magic when I can order my laptop to open folders, load documents for dictation, or jump to websites on the net. I love it. It's a wonderful feeling, because it's almost effortless! I just say the words, and the computer does the rest. 

BUT... The downside is the drag that I feel when I reach the limits of the software and have to slow down and do typing and mousing work again. That's not nearly as much fun.

Maybe you've experienced that slow feeling on your computer too.

Slowing down makes me want to create a better vision and write better software to make the dream come true. That's what the The High Speed Guide is about.

It shows you how to think about the problem and what your main choices are today. It talks about how you can boost your productivity by using your voice instead of your typing speed to get more things done on your computer.

Get your copy of The High Speed Guide from any one of the widgets on this website.