About High Speed Dictation Tools

I created the High Speed Dictation website to help you increase your productivity by using your voice instead of being limited by your typing speed.

Have you always wanted to go faster on your computer but felt limited by your typing speed? Maybe you've imagined how much more you could get done if you could just tell the computer what to do, and it would carry out your orders quickly?

I've wanted to do that for decades. I spent 25 years of my life building advanced software tools that could do magical things with millions of lines of software code. One senior vice president of a billion-dollar company told me "No one is going to believe this unless they see it."

Now, I'm mostly retired, so I can work on my dream of building software tools to drive my computer with my voice. I want to see if the computer can keep up with my mind and my voice and do things as fast as I can speak them.

I don't want my typing speed to limit me. (Especially when I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop - typing and mousing don't work very well in that situation!) Instead, my goal is to write software that uses high speed dictation to make people more productive.

I hope that you will join me on this journey. Let's see how much progress we can make by solving some of the big problems in voice computing!

Best regards, Kevin