High Speed Dictation Tools to Help You Go Faster

Hi, I'm Kevin. I ran a software company for 25 years and shipped a million lines of code on 20 different computer platforms. Our code was Six Sigma quality (less than 3.4 software build failures per million), so unreliable software bothers me now. I was so disgusted with the failure rate of my dictation software at switching apps on my laptop that I decided to write my own reliable tools. Now you can enjoy software that works too. Say goodbye to frustration!

If you get frustrated by voice software that won't do what you tell it to do, this site is for you.

My biggest frustration was trying to switch between applications by voice. Switch to Word. Switch to Microsoft Word. Switch to Adobe Acrobat. Gad. Sometimes nothing would happen. Sometimes the "switch to" command would work. Sometimes it wouldn't.

Sometimes a script would work, and sometimes it wouldn't. Some applications were extremely difficult to switch to because the software couldn't recognize them.

Frustrating! Frustrating! There wasn't even consistency in the unreliable switching behavior ! 

In those cases, I had to slow down and go back to the mouse and keyboard (sigh). And you know what that feels like.

Unreliable software... that's what I thought.

Finally, I decided to stop the frustration by writing my own high-performance software to get the job done.

So, I updated my programming tools to the latest modern versions and created High Speed Foreground. It's a program that reliably switches your desired application program to the foreground on your computer screen when you give the voice order.

This piece of software goes deep into the low-level guts of the Windows operating system and makes sure that things happen at high speed so you don't get slowed down when you're switching apps.

And it automatically starts up the program you name if it isn't already running in the background. So you only have to give the command once. There's no need for you to waste time giving multiple commands or different commands to switch or start programs.

Just give the order once and High Speed Foreground will make the program show up on your screen. No muss. No fuss.

Here's what you get with the High Speed Foreground product (in addition to high-speed happiness! :-):

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    The High Speed Foreground program, written by a professional programmer with 45 years experience
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    Instructive documentation, by a professional writer who has written 1,000 pages of software documentation
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    Example scripts that show you how to easily switch between your applications
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    Email and forum support -- ask questions and discuss topics in the community forum!

You Don't Have to Suffer from Failed "Switch-to" Operations Any More

‚ÄčI have a whole pipeline of new tools to create --
Why not join me now and enjoy the whole journey? It should be an exciting ride!

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